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Install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, 200x to exploit the potential of mobile messaging in your Business!

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Use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to connect your business application to the mobile network.

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Send SMS from your business applications with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.
SMS business applications
    Do you want to provide SMS/MMS services to your customers?

Ozeki NG is a great tool for providing SMS services!

Setup SMPP, HTTP, E-mail to SMS or SIM hosting services. Find out more...
    Do you want to send automated SMS alerts or collect information?

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Are you a software developer, who is looking for source code?

JAVA sms example
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Install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to get the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding SMS applications.

  • 500 SMS messages / second (sending and receiving)
  • 100 simultaneously connected applications
  • 64+ concurrent SMSC connections
  • Support for multi core and multiprocessor systems
  • Support for 32bit and 64bit architectures
  • Works in virtualized environments as well (VMWare, KVM, Microsoft, Oracle and other virtualized systems)

Concerning reliability the software Works 24/7. It manages network link failures and SMS service provider failures with automatic reconnect capability, backup routing and fail-safe load balancing. Message loop protection is also included to avoid threats caused by autoresponding mobile messaging services. For high-availability, an Ozeki NG SMS Gateway cluster can be setup with two or more nodes.

Check out the following video presentation to see how you can setup a fully functional SMS system in less then 5 minutes.

Video presentation outline:
  • Setup a GSM modem
  • Configure Ozeki NG
  • Send your first SMS

Contact us with questions:
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Support: support@ozekisms.com
Telephone: +36 52 532 731
To build an SMS solution, you need to find a way to connect your system to the mobile network. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers several connection methods. The most common options are:

Option 1: Connect your system directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of a mobile network operator through the Internet. A great choice for businesses sending/receiving more then 5000 SMS/day or for SMS Service providers. High speed IP SMS connections (SMPP, UCP, CIMD2) managed by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can handle several millions of messages per day.

  • How to setup SMPP protocol for an SMPP SMS Service
  • How to setup HTTP to connect to an HTTP SMS Service
  • How to setup CIMD2 protocol for CIMD2 SMS Service
  • How to setup UCP to connect to UCP/EMI Services

    For this option, you need to contact your mobile network operator (T-mobile, Sprint, etc) and ask for an SMPP SMS Service account.
  • Option 2: Connect a GSM modem with a data cable to your Windows PC, and let Ozeki NG SMS Gateway manage the modem. Professional setup for SMS volumes up to 5000 SMS/day.
    Option 3: Connect an Android Mobile phone through Wifi to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway installed on your Windows PC. Great choice for product evaluation and SMS volumes less then 1000 SMS/day.