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SMS API for ASP Developers

On this page software developers can learn how to send SMS messages from an ASP application using the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software.

Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway can be used to send out SMS messages from an ASP application. In order to send a message, the application has to perform an HTTP request. The built-in webserver of Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway receives the request and adds the posted SMS message to the outgoing message queue. After some time the message will be sent (Figure 1). (The status of the outgoing message can be queried by subsequent HTTP requests)

sending sms from an asp sms application
Figure 1 - Sending SMS from an ASP SMS application

To send an SMS message from ASP, you can use the code below. This example code will send a text message containing the text "Hello World" to the +36205222245 telephone number.

ASP example


    Dim strMsg
    Dim strReceiver
    Dim strUrl

    ' Retrieve the posted items from the HTTP-SMS gateway
    strUrl = "http://localhost:9501/ozeki?"
    strRequest = "username=admin";
    strRequest = strRequest+"&password=abc123";
    strRequest = strRequest+"&action=sendMessage";
    strRequest = strRequest+"&messageType=SMS:TEXT";
    strRequest = strRequest+"&recipient="+Server.URLEncode("+36205222245");
    strRequest = strRequest+"&messageData="+Server.URLEncode("Hello World");  

   strUrl = strUrl+strRequest;

    'Create InternetExplorer
    Dim WebBrowser: Set WebBrowser = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    WebBrowser.Navigate strUrl

    Do While WebBrowser.busy

    'Display message info to the user
    Response.Write("The message has been sent . " + chr(13))

Binary message types such as WAP PUSH messages, operator logos and ringtones can also be sent using this technique. All you have to do is change the messageType field and the messageData field to the appropriate message content. A list of supported SMS message types can be found at the following URL:

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