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Manual installation of USB modem driver

In some cases it is possible that you cannot install the exe file of the Sierra Wireless Fasttrack Xtend Modem driver. In this case can install the driver files manually. In this chapter you can get information on how to install the driver of the Sierra Wireless Fasttrack Xtend Modem manually.

Download driver for manual installation

At first, download the driver files (SierraModemDriver.zip) for the Sierra Wireless Fasttrack Xtend Modem, and extract it to C:\SierraModemDriver directory.

open device manager
Figure 1 - Open device manager

Now connect the GSM modem to your computer through an USB cable. If you have connected the modem and your computer to each other, find the Device manager of your Windows operating system and open it.

open device manager
Figure 2 - Open device manager

Here, find the modem that you would like to use with your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Right click on the name of the modem and select Update Driver Software...

update the driver software
Figure 3 - Update Driver Software

On the next window, select Browse my computer for driver software button to locate and install driver software manually.

browse my computer for driver software
Figure 4 - Browse my computer for driver software

Then click on the Browse button and find the driver folder, or provide the path of the driver into the textbox and click on Next button.

provide the path of the driver
Figure 5 - Provide the path of the drive

At the end of the installation, you can find the port number of the modem next to the name of the modem.

port number of the modem
Figure 6 - Port number of the modem

If the modem driver installed successfully, return to your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, install a new GSM modem Service Provider connection, and click on Configure button. Here select the port of your modem and click on Autodetect.

autodetect modem
Figure 7 - Autodetect modem

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