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Dynamic SMPP parameters

In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, there is an option to assign dinamic values for the SMPP submit_sm PDUs TON and NPI numbers, ESM class and data coding. This guide gives a definition about these parameters and lists the cases when you can set these parameters dynamically - note that this feature is only available in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.2.5 or above.

You can read about SMPP connections here: SMPP connection

The source_addr_ton, source_addr_npi, dest_addr_ton, dest_addr_npi, esm_class and data_coding are SMPP parameters describing the SMPP PDUs. There may be some cases when you need to set these parameters dynamically � Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is capable of operating with dynamically set SMPP PDU parameters.

About SMPP parameters

Source_addr_ton and dest_addr_ton define the Type of Number (TON) to be used in the SME address parameters. The following TON values are defined:

TON Value
Unknown 00000000
International 00000001
National 00000010
Network Specific 00000011
Subscriber Number 00000100
Alphanumeric 00000101
Abbreviated 00000110

Every other value besides the above are reserved (service providers may differ).

Source_addr_npi and dest_addr_npi define the Numeric Plan Indicator (NPI) to be used int he SME address parameters. The following NPI values are defined:

NPI Value
Unknown 00000000
ISDN (E163/E164) 00000001
Data (X.121) 00000011
Telex (F.69) 00000100
Land Mobile (E.212) 00000110
National 00001000
Private 00001001
ERMES 00001010
Internet (IP) 00001110
WAP Client Id (to be defined by WAP forum) 00010010

Every other value besides the above are reserved (service providers may differ).

The esm_class parameter is used to indicate special message attributes associated with the short message. The esm_class parameter is encoded as follows (in the submit_sm PDUs):

Bits 76543210 Value
    Messaging Mode (bits 1-0)
  xxxxxx00 Default SMSC Mode (e.g. Store and Forward)
  xxxxxx01 Datagram mode
  xxxxxx10 Forward (i.e. Transaction) mode
  xxxxxx11 Store and Forward mode (use to select
Store and Forward mode if Default SMSC Mode is non Store and Forward)
    Message Type (bits 5-2)
  xx0000xx Default message Type (i.e normal message)
  xx0010xx Short Message contains ESME Delivery Acknowledgement
  xx0100xx Short Message contains ESME Manual/User Acknowledgement
    GSM Network Specific Feature (bits 7-6)
  00xxxxxx No specific features selected
  01xxxxxx UDHI Indicator (only relevant for MT short messages)
  10xxxxxx Set Reply Path (only relevant for GSM network)
  11xxxxxx Set UDHI and Reply Path (only relevant for GSM network)

The parameter data_coding defines the encoding scheme of the short message user data. The following values are defined:

Bits 76543210 Meaning Notes
  00000000 SMSC Default Alphabet  
  00000001 IA5 (CCITT T.50)/ASCII (ANSI X3.4) b
  00000010 Octet unspecified (8-bit binary) b
  00000011 Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1) b
  00000100 Octet unspecified (8-bit binary) a
  00000101 JIS (X 0208-1990) b
  00000110 Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5) b
  00000111 Latin/Hebrew (ISO-8859-8) b
  00000110 UCS2 (ISO/IEC-10646) a
  00001001 Pictogram Encoding b
  00001010 ISO-2022-JP (Music Codes) b
  00001011 reserved  
  00001100 reserved  
  00001101 Extended Kanji JIS (X 0212-1990) b
  00001110 KS C 5601 b
  00001111 reserved  
  10111111 reserved  
  1100xxxx GSM MWI control c
  1101xxxx GSM MWI control c
  1110xxxx reserved  
  1111xxxx GSM message class control d


  1. These coding schemes are common to GSM, TDMA and CDMA. The SMPP protocol allows ESME applications to use the same DCS value (i.e. the GSM 03.38 value) for all three technologies.
  2. In cases where a Data Coding Scheme is defined for TDMA and/ or CDMA but not defined for GSM, SMPP uses GSM 03.38 reserved values.
  3. The data_coding parameter will evolve to specify Character code settings only. Thus the recommended way to specify GSM MWI control is by specifying the relevant settings in the optional parameters _ms_msg_wait_facilities and ms_validity.
  4. The data_coding parameter will evolve to specify Character code settings only. Thus the recommended way to specify GSM message class control is by specifying the relevant setting in the optional parameter dest_addr_subunit.

Using dynamically set SMPP parameters in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

There are three cases when you can dynamically set the SMPP PDU parameter values mentioned above.

While sending an SMTP message, you can set the parameters yourself. You can read a guide about this here: Dynamic parameters in SMTP messages

You can pass PDU parameters via HTTP too. You can read a guide about this method here: Dynamic SMPP parameters via HTTP

A database user can set PDU parameters dynamically by saving them into a database table�s records. You can read a guide about this here: Dynamic SMPP parameters from database

Note that if you do not pass SMPP parameter values dynamically, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will use its configuration to define SMPP parameter values. If you did not configure SMPP values yourself, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will use default settings. Besides that, you must use decimal values for setting SMPP parameters.

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