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Installation of a modem driver

When you have attached the modem to the computer, you can install the GSM modem driver on your computer's operating system.

Professional, high quality modems allow a simple installation of the modem driver. For the Wavecom modem, for instance, a Standard 56000 modem driver can be installed. If you have a different sort of modem, the steps described below will be more complicated. Then you will have to select the driver provided by the manufacturer of the mobile phone or data cable when selecting the driver during the installation procedure.

Select Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel / Add hardware to open the Add Hardware Wizard window (Figure 1).

opening the add new hardware wizard
Figure 1 - Add Hardware Wizard

Continue to install the standard modem driver by selecting Add a new hardware device (Figure 2).

select the add a new hardware device option
Figure 2 - Selecting Add a new hardware device

Select the Advanced mode (Install the hardware that I manually select from a list). See Figure 3.

select the install the hardware that i manually select from a list option
Figure 3 - Selecting Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)

Select the Modems item (Figure 4).

select the modem options
Figure 4 - Selecting the Modems option

Select Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list (Figure 5).

prevent autodetection
Figure 5 - Preventing autodetection

Select the modem driver (Figure 6).

select the modem driver
Figure 6 - Selecting the modem driver

Select the port for the modem to be installed (Figure 7).

select the port
Figure 7 - Selecting the port

After you have selected the port for the modem, you can start to install and configure the GSM Modem protocol.

You can find the installation and configuration instructions on theGSM Modem Connectivity page.

One of the steps you need to take is to select the GSM modem or the COM port your device is attached to (Figure 8).

select the port in the device settings tab
Figure 8 - Selecting the port in the Device settings tab

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