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Manual upgrade

This guide gives information about how to upgrade your product manually. Manual upgrade is used if the automatic upgrade failed for any reason.

Step 1.) Copy you original installation

The first step is to copy your current installation, to make sure all the configuration will be available after you have installed the new version. To do this open the "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\" directory in Windows Explorer, select the "OzekiNG - SMS Gateway" subdirectory, then press Ctrl+C, then press Ctrl+V (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Make a backup copy of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway folder

This will create a new directory called: "Copy of OzekiNG - SMS Gateway"

Step 2.) Uninstall your current installation

Go to the Windows "Control panel", and in the "Add remove programs" group, click "uninstall" on the Ozeki NG entry.

Figure 2 - Uninstall the SMS Software from your system

Step 3.) Delete the "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway" dir

This is necessary to have a clean installation. By default Ozeki NG uninstallation leaves your configuration and your messages in place.

Step 4.) Install the new version

This is a standard installation, you can start by running the downloaded installation package.

Step 5.) Copy the configuration files from the backup directory

You need to copy the following directory to the path of the newly installed version:

C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Copy of OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\config

Copy the config directory here: (overwrite the default dir, that was created during installation)
C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\config

Figure 3 - Copy the SMS software configuration directory from the backup dir

You should also copy the license files (ozeki.serial and ozeki.code).

Figure 4 - Copy the SMS software license code

Step 6.) Restart the service

Restart Ozeki NG SMS gateway service or your computer to make sure the updated configuration is loaded.

Figure 5 - Restart the service

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