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SMS Ringtone - The RTX Ringtone Specification

The RTX Ringtone format is used in the ParlayX specification. It can be used to encode ringtone messages to be sent to mobile phones.

An RTX file is a text file, containing the ringtone name, a control section and a section containing a comma separated sequence of ring tone commands. The RTX ringtone description format is designed to be backward compatible with RTTTL, but offers extensions in line with the Nokia Smart Messaging standard. White space must be ignored by any reader application.


AxelF:d=4,o=5,b=125:32p,8g,8p,16a#.,8p,16g,16p,16g,8c6, 8g,8f,8g,8p,16d.6,8p,16g,16p,16g,8d#6,8d6,8a#,8g,8d6,8g6, 16g,16f,16p,16f,8d,8a#,2g,p,SS,16f6,8d6,8c6,8a#,g,8a#.,16g, 16p,16g,8c6,8g,8f,g,8d.6,16g,16p,16g,8d#6,8d6,8a#,8g,8d6, 8g6,16g,16f,16p,16f,8d,8a#,2g

This file describes a ringtone whose name is 'AxelF'. The control section sets the beats per second at 125, the default note length at 4, and the default scale on Octave 5.

<RTX file> := <name> ":" [<control section>] ":" <tone-commands>

<name> := <char>+ ; maximum name length 10 characters

<control-section> := <control-pair> ["," <control-section>]

<control-pair> := <control-name> ["="] <control-value>

<control-name> := "o" | "d" | "b" | "s" | "l"
; Valid in control section: o=default scale, d=default duration, b=default beats per minute, s=style, l=looping (0=none, 1-14=repeat, 15=infinite)
; Valid in tone section: o, b, s

<control-value> := <char>+ ; dependent on control-name

; if not specified, defaults are 4=duration, 6=scale, 63=beats-per-minute
; styles are S=Staccato, N=Natural, C=Continuous
; any unknown control-names must be ignored

<tone-commands> := <tone-command> ["," <tone-commands>]

<tone-command> :=<note> | <control-pair>

<note> := [<duration>] <note> [<scale>] [<special-duration>] <delimiter>

<duration> := "1" | "2" | "4" | "8" | "16" | "32" ; duration is divider of full note duration, eg. 4 represents a quarter note

<note> := "P" | "C" | "C#" | "D" | "D#" | "E" | "F" | "F#" | "G" | "G#" | "A" | "A#" | "H"

<scale> :="4" | "5" | "6" | "7"

; Note that octave 4: A=440Hz, 5: A=880Hz, 6: A=1.76 kHz, 7: A=3.52 kHz
; The lowest note on the Nokia 61xx is A4, the highest is B7

<special-duration> := "." ; Dotted note

; End of specification

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