Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Examples and Solutions

This page provides an overview of and links to pages describing different solutions you can achieve with the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software to make SMS messaging efficient and convenient. Some of the solutions are illustrated with instructive practical examples showing how useful the different features of the software can be in reducing costs of SMS messaging or handling different connections.

On the Least Cost Routing page you can learn how to set up least cost routing with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway. You can read about the motivation, the resultant task you can set for the program, how the task is solved, and how the solution is tested.

The Load Balancing page explains how to set up outbound routing with the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software to allow load balancing for the purpose of efficient use of small capacity connections with SMS Centers. You can read about the motivation, the resultant task for the program, the solution, and a practical example illustrating the convenience of load balancing.

The Load Balancing for SMPP v.3.3 page explains how the load balancing feature of the software allows you to join a transmitter and a receiver connection with a GSM/CDMA service provider. You can learn why this solution is convenient, and how to achieve it.

The How to Set up an E-mail - SMS Gateway page instructs you how to set up an E-mail - SMS Gateway using the Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway software. In addition to an introduction explaining the convenience of this service, you are provided with a list of prerequisites, a description and depiction of the system architecture, an explanation of the SMS to E-mail and the E-mail to SMS configuration steps and some troubleshooting advice.

Further examples and solutions: