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If you wish to protect your service against hardware failure and reach higher availability of your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software, we recommend you to try our Ozeki Cluster software product. Ozeki Cluster automatically moves any service to another computer in case of a hardware failure. You can download it from: Ozeki Cluster Site

Cluster setup

If you have two (or more) Ozeki NG SMS Gateway licenses, you can setup cluster configurations, in order to achieve better uptimes or to perform load balancing.

Ozeki offers 3 standard cluster setups:

Live cluster setup "1"

In this setup both system must have live accounts registered at the SMS service providers. Both Ozeki NG SMS Gateway nodes are connected to the SMS service providers.

Live cluster setup "2"

In this cluster solution the load of the two nodes are balanced. Only the primary Ozeki NG SMS Gateway node is connected to the SMS service providers.

Failover cluster

The cluster operates with one live Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Node. The backup node is "Off-line". This page explains how to configure the failover cluster system.

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