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Excel SMS client

There is a great possibility to send SMS text messages from MS Excel to mobile phones. To do so you just need to install a stable and powerful SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on your computer. After the installation of this software product you can send important data as SMS messages from Excel with the help of the MS Excel client of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. With this SMS functionality you can ensure a fast and reliable corporate SMS system, which helps improve corporate communication and information flow. In this article you will find detailed information on this solution.

Download: Excel-SMS_v2.2.0.zip (40 KB)

Video: Send SMS from Excel (testing the system)


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a software product that provides SMS functionality to your corporate IT system. Therefore there is a possibility to send SMS messages from Excel with the help of this software. To achieve this function you can use the Excel SMS Client of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. With this solution you will be able to send important data and information from Excel as SMS text message to predefined mobile phones. In this way you can save time as you do not need to use an other application. With this SMS client you just need to click on a button in Excel to send your message. If you implement this solution you can save time and money while you can improve corporate communication within and outside of your company.

How to implement this solution

The Excel SMS client enables you to send SMS messages from Microsoft Excel. To achieve this goal, all you have to do is open two excel spread sheets: Messages.xls and Ozeki.xls. In the Messages.xls spread sheet, you need to fill the telephone numbers into the first column and the message text into the second column (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Messages.xls

In the Ozeki.xls excel sheet you need to provide your username and password. You will also find a macro that can be started by clicking on the Send all button. This macro will connect to Ozeki NG SMS gateway over the office LAN or over the internet and will send the SMS messages you have edited on the Messages.xls sheet. The parameters for this network connection can be edited on the Ozeki.xls spread sheet (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Ozeki.xls

In "SMS Sender" window select "Messages.xls" file and click on "OK" (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - SMS sender

A delivery report window automatically appears that shows "Message accepted for delivery" and it contains the message ID and phone numbers of recipients (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Message accepted for delivery

If you take a look at Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can see the sent message in its "Sent" message folder (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Sent message in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway


Sending SMS messages from MS Excel with Excel SMS Client and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is one of the most simple but very efficient method of SMS sending. With this solution you can send important data from your computer directly to mobile phones. In this way you can keep in touch with customers, business partners and employees, and you can forward important short messages to them. The implementation and use of this solution is really simple but you will save time and money with it and can ensure continuous availability and speed in your corporate communication.

A more detailed explanation about this option is available in the following section: Enabling Macros in Microsoft Excel.

If you have not downloaded Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can do it right now!

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