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Send SMS using a GSM modem - Connection problems

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In this page I give some information about what to do if your modem is not recognized by the software.

In some situations Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will not detect your GSM phone. In this case you can test whether you phone responds using Hyper Terminal. Hyper Terminal is built into windows. It is a good tool to test modem connectivity.

To start hyperterminal, select Start->All programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal. When Hyperterminal starts, you must provide a name for the connection. Type any name you like to get to the "Connect To" form (Figure 1).

hyper terminal
Figure 1 - Hyper Terminal, connect to form

In the "Connect To" configuration form you can select the COM port your device is attached to. If you use a USB cable, a PCMCIA modem, a BlueTooth connection or an Infrared port, you need to install a driver supplied by the manufacturer of the device. The driver will register a virtual serial port. In hyper terminal select the virtual port created by the driver of your device.

When the port is selected click Ok, to get to the Port configuration form. On this form specify the port settings. The most common port speeds for GSM phones and modems are 9600, 19200, 57600 and 115200. The Data bits should be set to 8. The Parity to none the Stop bits to 1 and the flow control should be hardware.

After all configurations are made the terminal window will open. You can use this window to test the communication. The communication can be tested by typing AT into the terminal window. If your GSM phone or modem is working the AT will appear and an OK response will be returned. If your GSM phone or modem is not working then you will not see the AT command after typing it in (Figure 2).

at command and ok response
Figure 2 - AT command and OK response

If the test is successful, which means you have seen the OK response from your GSM phone or modem please close HyperTerminal and the "Autodetect" option in Ozeki NG will work.

If the test is not successful, one of the following problems need to be resolved:

  • Some other software uses your device. Sometime 3rd party phone manager applications, or SMS solutions block the device. Try to shut down or remove these applications from your system.
  • Your device is not a GSM modem. Please check the manual of your device, to see if it has a built in modem and can be operated with AT commands. Ozeki NG uses AT commands to control your device.
  • The driver supplied with your device is not working. Try to find another driver.

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