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Mobile message type specification - VCalendar SMS
(SMS message type, SMS message format)


VCalendar defines a transport- and platform-independent format for exchanging calendar and schedule information so that any vCalendar-compliant application can send or receive calendaring and scheduling information to or from any other vCalendar application. For instance, users with mobile phones running vCalendar-aware applications can schedule meetings automatically over an infrared link or via sending an SMS.

Why it is convenient

You can use this message type to send the recipient a calendar entry to remind them of an important date. The information as an SMS message in the phone is easier to store, organise and handle than information on paper, and a mobile phone is more likely to be at hand at any time than a calendar.

Message type


The format of the message data is:

DESCRIPTION:description of the event
DTSTART:start date and time of the event (year month day T hour minute second)
DTEND:end date and time of the event (year month day T hour minute second)

Take a look at an example:

DESCRIPTION:My favourite series

SQL example:

If you use the Database user to send and receive SMS messages with Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, you can use the following SQL statement to send a VCalendar message:
insert into ozekimessageout (receiver,msgtype,msg,status) values (’+36205222245’,

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Home > Product Manual > Appendix > C - Message types > VCalendar
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